Our portfolio includes these services:

Due to the long-term lack of high qualified workforce within the automotive industry, there is a high demand for outsourced services on the market.

QE group is able to satisfy this demand and provide customers with high quality candidates for a clearly defined time period or specific project. We use our own database containing over 150 partners for roughly 1600 customers who can make use of their services.

Within the automotive segment, we offer a unique service in which the skills of engineers who have the required qualities and are willing to co-operate are crucial. Prices for their services are in line with their high qualifications.


In particular these include the following positions:

An internal audit is an independent, objectively assuring and advisory act focused on adding value and perfecting processes within an organisation. An internal audit helps an organisation to achieve its goals by bringing a systematic and methodical approach to assessing and improving the risk management system, management and control processes and organisation management and administration.

An internal audit focuses on assessing the internal control system within the organisation by providing information, assessments, analyses, recommendations and consultation to company bodies and top management so they can effectively meet their tasks. Furthermore, in line with the latest global trends, an internal audit provides assurance that the company is aware of the risks it is exposed to and can manage them.

With our extensive experience in the automotive segment and knowledge of the segment’s specific needs, we are able to offer customers an optimal bespoke solution. The flexibility of the company and our partners means that we are able to implement the solution we propose within a very short timescale and under special conditions.


Within consultancy, we provide the following services:

It is our company standard to always make retrospective checks on the quality of services provided and satisfaction of our customers so that we can continue to maintain a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. At QE group, we pride ourselves on the quality of our candidates and we continuously work to expand our portfolio on the basis of customer demand.