Quality policy

QE group management declares in line with the organisation’s defined context the following quality policy, which provides a framework for the organisation’s strategic focus, for determining quality objectives and for permanent quality management system improvement.


1. A satisfied customer

We do our utmost to ensure we have only satisfied customers. That is why our highest objective is the highest possible quality of services provided. We heed our clients’ requirements and needs.


2. Providing professional services

The personal objective of all company partners is to provide professional services and fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of the customer and concerned stakeholders.


3. Expertise, competence

We have high quality and competent partners who work for us. Each partner is bound not just to observe these attributes, but also to further develop them. Knowledge and competencies are continuously verified, secured and maintained.

4. Optimal processes

The services we provide must precisely correspond to the customer’s request, its specific features and standards.

5. Continuous improvement

Changes in organisations and management are focused on continuous improvement of the quality of services provided. We monitor trends, and we invest in knowledge and developing it